• namratha_rao 6w

    Give me home

    It is not love that I crave my dear,
    Cuz I have had plenty, for a lifetime now.
    Just a song, with slow beats
    And a little sunshine every then and now.

    I don’t need, the greens you have,
    Or that fancy cabinet.
    Just company, as I eat,
    And a partner to watch the bright sun set.

    I will never ask about,
    That little chit in your purse.
    Just her name and what she ate
    And if she also wrote the verse.

    And, one day, when we make love,
    I don’t want just the excitement.
    But hold each other in comfort,
    When we are all, done and spent.

    Just sit down, next to you,
    And read you this, naive poem.
    That is all, I will ask,
    For you to, give me home.