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    (to the Suicider)

    You think my opinion does not matter,
    You think you have a right over me,
    You think i am yours to be taken away,

    But, when i came to you i did not seek your permission,
    When i leave you will not need your approval.
    Only i know the reason why i came to you and why i will leave you.

    But you do not have the right depart from me without my permission.

    Believe me i am not that easy to be obtained in the first place. Your planet have been chose one among <trillions> of other planets and stars
    and you are unique amongst <billions> of other life forms and other beings and you have outraced <millions> of sperms to become a unique life form of your own identity.

    I try to remind you once every year during your birthdays and also other special days. But you find some silly reason to forcefully let me go from you.

    You think only winners have the right to live and losers do not any right over life. Let me tell you neither winning or dying is what i am looking for. I am looking for simply "Living" your every moment either win or loss, joy or sadness.

    I urge you to gift yourself the belief that you are still ALIVE and that's what matters at the end or the beggining of life.

    Thank you .
    Your's Loving Life