• kanika07 30w

    Privilege Of The Heart

    Tired of the burden of your books? Think of the burden on me.
    Bored of your everyday lessons? Think of the words I am preached.
    You want new toys, because you are bored of the old, Think of me, for whom those toys are gold.
    You fight with your parents, how dissatisfied you seem, Think of me, with little they did I am as happy as I can be.
    With all that you have, there is a never-ending greed, Think of me, three meals for my family is all I seek.
    Always complaining to God, for the worldly pleasures left incomplete, Think of me, Thankful for every grain of wheat.
    Maybe you have plenty, maybe you have all but still there are needs, Think of me, with little or even less, I am happy and at peace..