• marjiebm 31w

    Hey Mom, I want to recite this song for you for awhile but I'm going tp sing it with you for a lifetime.

    When I was born to live,
    You saw the biggest smile in the world
    The smile that is painted on my face
    With the match of a pinkish blush on my cheeks.

    As the time passed by through the amazing hole,
    You heard my heartbeat and then suddenly I smirk
    You know what does it mean, mom?
    I want you to become my first playmate here on Earth.

    Lalalalala I want to sing a song
    Together with you and dad
    Dancing on the seashore and feeling the glimpse of a moon
    Lalalala you are the superstar perfect mom on this world

    Mom that's all for now, sooner I will complete it for you. You just need to remember always that I love you and that I will always be here to cheer you up. I promise that even dad is already with God, I'm going to make all your dreams happen.

    Your bunso,

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    For my Mom