• whitethorn 6w

    A storyline

    Behind the shadow
    In the corner of the wall
    Is a doorway
    To another world.
    You can actually
    Walk through this wall
    To a verdant paradise
    Beyond it.
    You have to time it right, though.
    You can't walk through
    In the daytime,
    Because the shadow is
    Less distinct.
    And you can't walk through
    Under a full moon,
    Because it gives the spirits
    Light to see and follow you.
    It has to be at midnight,
    On the night of a new moon,
    On a night with no stars visible.
    Only problem is,
    Once you're through,
    You can't turn back.
    Earth disappears.
    At least, the Earth you know.
    Would you still try it?