• yoyowrites_ 5w

    Not all lies are harmful

    When the news reached her mother,
    Her only child was no more
    She wasn't ready and no one was
    A second seemed to too long to strike
    Slowly the truth sipped in
    In a room her soul has left empty

    She began to see her time rewinding
    Seeing that little one running towards her
    The first step and the first fall
    The first word and the first kiss
    Everything fell apart the moment she blinked
    Like waves crashing onto her sandcastle
    And it was gone... permanently gone.

    But God wasn't far from her sight
    The hunch she felt the previous night
    That something wasn't going alright
    Made them have the last deep conversation of a lifetime
    Her laughs and the usual greetings
    Felt different like saying goodbye

    "Mother don't cry for me
    I'm happy being here
    I'm sorry I made you sacrifice
    Your happiness to raise me instead.
    Do what you love from now on
    Let me take care of you cause
    I'm old enough to take care of my own
    Thank you for being my mother
    I love you mom"

    Over and over she read
    The exchange of their endless texts
    Each line broke her to pieces
    Each time she started over, new meaning she finds
    And she found solace in the lies she created in her heart
    Being unable to concede defeat to the truth that lies ahead
    For truth ain't always beautiful
    Neither are all lies harmful
    Though caught in a paradox
    Somehow, she found a way to live on