• mistiedaee 6w


    I'm glad he's not here and can't see my words. True feelings lie here and they are safe from his hurt. The more I see the more I lie, but why can't I love him like I do the other guy.

    Maybe it's the hell and the yelling and the constant anger or maybe it's just being sick of being under. The jealousy and pain and the accusations alone I can't believe I'm not insane.

    I don't think it's fair and I don't think it's right, I dont think it's fair that I cry every night. Your touch means nothing but obligation and all I want is to be touched by someone because of they love me without condition.

    I wish I knew the future by leaving I risk it all. I want to know what to do who are you and why can't I love you at all. I thought I did but I know I don't. I don't love you at all anymore and it's all your fault