• saahilc078 10w

    The clock keeps ticking
    And they will keep giggling
    Behind you it all takes place
    As you open your eyes
    You will see it all happening
    And you will be carried away
    But "settle down, its alright" as they say
    You will lose yourself again
    "Dont be scared" they say
    You will keep fighting again and again
    "Help me" as you call
    "Its okay" they say
    And as you cry
    You will realise
    Its alright,
    You ask of yourself again
    Keeping it all going
    And it will all kick in
    You will believe it
    For another second
    You will keep finding more excuses
    And as they say all over again
    "Its alright you can fight again"
    You let go;
    And you wait.