• mr_stellar 5w

    Magical Salvation

    Inside a heart in which make-ups won't fit,
    Is there a never-ending love; for which there is no limit of imagination?

    In a dream which I see with my eyes open,
    You are coming as a portrait to touch my senses.

    Is this a state of trance or is this a state of ecstasy?
    Our love sounds more like an enigma.

    When I get my flute near the banks of a river,
    Shall I play your tune?

    When the blissful breeze wishes me with a rhythm,
    May I tell it where you live, so that it can reach and soothe you as my gift?

    I am happy to feel the magic.
    I am blessed to be with you and eternal peace which exudes from you.

    I am restlessly running in search of light.
    If you come with me as a companion, I will lay in your laps.

    Can we both go and see the colors drawn by the sky?
    Can we both hold our hands till the end of our life?

    Let this World end! Let our World begin...
    Please give me a magical salvation my dear.

    © Stellar Ram 2019