• rewind_dusk 9w

    A Worrisome Player

    You got a guild gift
    Why I amazed for something I don't understand
    Little between fingers locked
    A fingerprint I haven't yet understand
    It is but a turtle of steam
    I call a slept of cross
    Every ping must have shuffle through
    Every mail but a in-game message to brighten up the curb
    A middle of tattle tale
    Something a talent can't even worship
    Little but a lily lion
    Come I have not spoken in a month
    A email have been recieved
    With a blank stare of horror
    Worshippers but a digger for Hope's
    Ain't I a beautiful store
    Open but with a twinkle smile
    A sly fox has appeared
    Something I smell in the rain
    As I read your message
    But why in-game
    As I get burnt and my castle fallen
    But why am I even worry
    You must have known what a worrisome it can be
    But should I stop
    With every purchase I forgotten
    Something my memory couldn't reach
    As the developer delete the account
    Who should I worship again
    Forgot is but a mystery yet to be solve
    Rain beats couldn't even persuade me to stop
    Let me just spend my savings
    To the depth unknown
    So why worry