• tithi_b 23w

    What would people say?

    Don't talk like that
    Don't wear that
    Yes, everyone is equal but
    Don't fight for your rights like that,
    That's not so ladylike!
    What would people say?

    Oh, that's not your shade
    You are not build for the curls!
    Stop! What are you doing?
    You must starve yourself to look like those dolls.
    Because if you don't,
    What would people say?

    Don't use the color
    Don't get comfortable
    Stop looking like a mess
    Why are you being such a wussy?
    Men don't cry!
    What would people say?

    Yeah..no you can't have those.
    Do what your parents want
    If you don't have $10 grands by the end of a month and 3 kids by 30,
    What would people say?

    That's not love.
    You couldn't have known that boy enough in 7 years!
    You know nothing about your life
    So let the parents find a stranger in 7days.
    And that girl you like is not pretty enough for a handsome guy like you
    You will find so many others, trust me they come and go
    If you don't play a little,
    What would people say?

    What are you talking about?
    Its all in your head
    There's nothing wrong with your perfect life
    Geez, stop! You're not depressed, You are overreacting!
    What would people say?

    What do you mean its insomnia?
    You're just obsessed with gadgets.
    What do you mean you have anxiety?
    There's plenty of oxygen, no way you can't breathe!
    It doesn't matter if you're dying! Cut the crap right now!
    What would people say?