• mschrissydee 46w

    Your Bed

    You tap into so many parts of me the sister and friend that want to geek and chill and be a look out for you, then there's the motherly part of me that wants you to need me too and the freak in me your bed fellow that answers to your sexual needs and desires you fill all these gaps and spaces between, you have showed me you want to do the same for me(blushing) and I have to say it's a lil bit scary. I know what your thinking when you look at me a certain way, I know when you text me a bunch of paragraphs that your hiding a worry you don't know how to share, the other day you texted me you are here for me and being supportive for me where no one else is there... I too scared to allow myself to lean towards you I've been taking care of my self since my youth. The stories we share, just between me and you, I feel you want to be here, but will I let you... Smh I have explained before I am a runner, but why do I feel its OK to be still, when we sit and talk our feet talk with each other not just our eyes or our hands but our whole expression to be present your need to touch me and whisper how soft they are you I welcome to lay burdens on top these pillows, you so patiently waiting for me to give in, I want to dock ship and explore where this will take me, my thoughts always drifting leads me too, but for how long are you staying, but I enjoy you so much I stopped looking for the exit, I guess I am surrendering, is it really you that came to tame this free spirited Gypsy... Do my footprints stop here for awhile... Your phone call about not sleeping alone... you wanted me next to you all night in your bed... I barely slept playing footsies, feeling you close to me, our legs are as one, each breath of yours was mine, waking up to your smile and humming tunes in the shower, I cannot let you know how much I want to repeat this moment again and again so I hide it deep in the corners of my mind, where I remince instead, my heart enclosed in a jar came out that night in your bed.