• emilymillern 24w

    Tucking tight my heart nagged to open up
    All along wanting to sing to the tune of you
    To talk of your grace with stance
    Your softness from the heart
    Am afraid of writing this down
    Scared that maybe words will be an underestimation of this
    I know you are true
    I am true
    Its true
    What's stands between us is true
    And as if provenance of all this I got you as mine
    With how just a stare sends me blank
    Your presence like a budding flower
    I know this right, with the fragrance equaling fresh morning roses
    I want you and its true
    The very mine hurt that sobbed and bled
    You healed and now it wants
    It wants you.
    Still clinging to the very medicine of its sores
    And though it means breaking again for you I will be steel
    This is not just a poem
    This is not just a combination of not rhyming words
    But the lyrics played by my heart when it lost its tune and stuck to the beating of you
    I love you