• emotions_within 31w

    These are jus random words for the lovely lady of my life..
    I fight with her, I tease her, we go mad at each other.
    But, at the end of the day she is the one who cared me the most. No one replace this lady from my life. Thanks for what all you gave.. And sorry for what all I did. Whatever it may be I love is the constant thing that happens between you and me!!
    I wish a happy mothers days to all the mommies around the world...
    #mommylove #mothersday
    By unknown writer

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    She was a joyous women until I stepped out from her!
    She hid her pain for my happiness!
    She tried all the hard paths to show me the easiest one!
    She was my spy, my guardian angle.
    She showed her anger to care for my best!
    She was the pillar to which I always lean on!
    She may not be the miss beautiful but she is the only gorgeous women to me.
    She took out my pain and showered the happiness.
    I was not always sweet to her, but, she was the sweetest to me!!
    This is not enough to portray my love to her!!