• _smiley_ 31w

    Carrying that tough guy persona around, his mannerisms were the talk of town
    Finding humour in every crisis of life, his responses were sharper than a knife
    Responsible for family and friends alike, he was a sounding board none could dislike
    But as any disregarded overfilled well, how long could he, without a vent dwell
    The outburst was unanticipated but long overdue, they said of strength, he hadn't a clue
    All his self-worth came crashing down, and all they had for him was a stern frown
    His innards desperately at him clawed, to somehow at last throw off the facade
    And so did he, indifferent to the world, for once cried hard and let it all be heard

    #facade #society #imbalance

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    And so it got revealed for what it was....a facade!