• warriorpoet 6w


    we Americans believe a false decree. that ours is the greatest country on earth. And yet we can’t understand why immigrants come here to be free.

    Seeing how it’s a lie only we believe. maybe if we cut the hubris. they would think twice before they flea.

    their origin countries for mildewed pastures. only to come here and see. that the poor in this country are left to wait and plead.

    And at the very least they’ll be in good company. Being trapped in cages with their own. by those who taunt you with the keys.

    as they Wonder what the hell happened to this bastion of democracy. did it ever exist? and to what degree?

    ask the native Americans, blacks and Japanese. and see if they’d agree. that this country practices what it decrees.

    or is it used to foolishly lead. the populace while crawling on bended knee.