• jamaree_writes_poems 22w


    "Yeah I'm alone but at least I'm alone and Free,
    From all of the bullshit that occurs on the daily and what my eyes always See,
    I'm supposed to be happy when I'm around my family, but that's when I feel at my lowest of Lows,
    Showing love is hard to me ever since my heart Froze,
    Wandering around this world as I'm taking a long Walk,
    My words are my voice as this is how I Talk,
    I'm telling my audience on how I'm hurting and my soul is being Penetrated,
    By the ones that are supposed to be there for me, but instead they put me in that category of being the most Hated,
    Crying my eyes out seems to be the routine each Night,
    Because everyday is a war and I feel like I'm slowly losing the Fight,
    I was always the one that was outed and thrown to the Side,
    As it didn't matter when I was trying to please my family as I've tried and Tried,
    I let out my vulnerability because to me being strong is not always one of the right Decisions,
    It's okay to drop your guard at times like I am and be unfiltered so the others can see all of my Incisions ..."