• speakingmirror 11w

    Waiting for her

    How long will I have to wait
    For a reply from a childhood friend
    Whom I met after a long time
    Memories still fresh in my mind

    After a long time I met you online
    Happy to learn you heve join airline
    The face of yours with a smile
    Make me forget time for a while

    Gone are those sweet days
    We used to eat chocolates and lays
    The days of quarrel and fights
    The days of school and festive lights

    Playing together whole day on Sunday
    Learning bicycle together for few days
    The late night walking during summer
    Waking early to see dense fog of winter

    One meet not seems to be enough
    Goodbye from you seems to be tough
    Tough the reason she gave was fine
    Let our friendship grows and shine
    ©speakingmirror(vijay katara)