• arjuunn2912 10w


    I am trapped in a cycle of school home and internet-
    Much tired of the repeating days!
    I don't wanna live a life of a puppet-
    I wanna dream for myself!
    Not trapped in someone else's dream - I will be who I wanna be,
    I won't run without knowing where I am going,
    And when I will have happy moments-
    I'll stop and rejoice coz there is no harm in stopping.
    I will wake up from this nightmare of NOT LIKING MYSELF and will just smile for MYSELF!
    I will not make strict standards for me - I will forgive myself,
    Coz I very well know - I have a reason to love myself !
    I am not afraid coz it's me and I LOVE MYSELF
    I may be imperfect, but I am who I am and I will speak for myself !
    To all those who hate themselves -
    There are many haters around .. start loving yourself!
    I did it - and you can do it too!!