• aashmi_aryal 50w

    The month of mangsir has been, awfully beautiful to me. I am sure that this year too its going to be amazing as at the very beginning of this month I have received a lot of good news which has been a positive call sign waiting me right outside the door steps .Starting from the date of my complete 19th birthday till date there was a blend of a mixture of joy, happiness, sadness and love and all the credit goes to my beautiful people who have showered me with their love and support. Also PS : “Special Thanks to those who had tried to hurt me ,drag me down weather it’s with their words or with their deeds but fortunately it’s my luck that your hate helped me out to grow more and more stronger” Your hate for me worked out as an constructive criticism .Keeping this aside I would like to thank you all and hope to get the same support and love in the upcoming days as well and Shower me with the same love ,care support including hate and criticisms too .It’s Because of you all I had face a lot of changes in myself especially the positive one and promise to give a continuity to it .Also we cannot change the fact that its because of your continuous support I got to receive a lots of good news regarding my career wise . At the start may be it might not be a big achievement for others but for me it was a great way for myself to start my career likewise you guys have seen me growing career wise as well as body weight wise (JK).�� At the mean time how can I forget to thank my lord who has showered me with his blessings and I wish though m sure that his blessing will always be with me in coming days of my life . Also with a positive thought like previous year my 20th birthday is also going to be as beautiful as previous one. Best Wishes to me and only me .

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    The essense of all beautiful feeling is a gratitude note .
    A note for you and for me as well .
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