• ndichu 6w


    In a world where everyone hates pain
    Why do we want to be Savages?
    If we only do what brings us happiness
    why is depression a top list killer?
    If we are so fond of overthinking
    Why do we make such horrible mistakes?
    If we are used to over analyzing
    why can't we spot the lies?

    And if love is in the air
    Why can everyone breathe it in?
    In a world of sensitive people
    Why do we disregard emotions?
    In a world where everyone wants a connection
    Why do we make everything so physical?
    In a world where everything takes time
    Why is everyone in such a rush for the now?

    And in a world where everyone is broken
    Why do we scream other people's weaknesses?
    If we have all had broken hearts
    Why do we still toy with each other?
    If we hate darkness and love the light
    Why is the night so comforting?
    And if we truely love innocence
    Why do we strive to take it away?

    Titled by Zipporah Wangui
    For Sometimes change is not good! Its perfect!

    Written by ©ndichu