• anna_joe 5w

    Tick tick tick,
    I can hear the sound!!
    empty sockets,
    a clock hissed in serpent hours,
    it's venom oozing from the crystal walls
    Its 4.a.m you insomniac.

    I used to be very tired
    And stay awake late at night
    My thoughts would keep me up
    It was getting harder to fight not being able to sleep.

    I used to think about my failures
    And everything I've done wrong
    How I fucked everything up
    It's all a familiar song!!

    I used search for peace!!
    I used to wonder how!!
    When will I ever meet my one true love!!
    These lonley nights
    Without sleep I used to dream with my eyes open!
    Dream about things that would never happen!!

    Well rhyming used to get so hard
    When I tried to write my mind.
    Because I was unable to find the words
    That could shed light!!
    I was fighting my demon's every night!!
    Everyday passed it was one more
    Lonley sleepless night!!

    My eyes can't help but to strain.
    I used to pray!!
    God why must this silence haunt me?!
    I can't stand it, I just want to sleep.
    Please leave me be.

    And then,
    I met this special person in my life!!
    The love of my life!!
    I told him its hard for me to fall asleep!

    My lonely nights disappeared
    We used to talk still the sunrise!
    But it was still a sleepless night!!
    Tired eyes!! But a happy soul!

    I wasn't lonley anymore
    I wasn't sad!!
    I didn't care about the sleep!!

    Cause he made me feel me!!
    As days passed by and I met him
    I fell asleep on his arms
    Like a little baby
    Yes the insomniac lunatic
    Finally fell asleep!!

    Shocked I woke up to see myself asleep
    sssh..... Go back to sleep
    Your safe and sound!!
    I fell in love with him more and more
    Fuck u just fell asleep
    I told myself!!
    My eyes were honey with happiness,
    I just can't express.

    But now I regret why I started to sleep,
    Cause I'm cursed always,
    I can't render happiness no matter what!!
    I sleep and now that's a crime
    My sleep destroyed the happiness,
    Of the love of my life!!

    Again, and a heavy grey-smudged blanket,
    I woke up to see the mess I am,
    settles around me, uneasy
    I wanna sip black tea with milk, eyes adjust, and becomes a friend with the night again!
    Tonight I'll surrender myself again to demon's
    I'll never fall asleep again
    im better with a sleepless night rather than a lonely night!!

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    Sleepless nights or falling asleep both is a curse for me!!