• eskaypia64 5w


    I'm a lone traveller,
    My soul bare,
    I travel day after day,
    A repetitive process,
    I'm aware,
    I've come a long way,
    From the slums where I began,
    So far I can forget,
    How I'd left off,
    In a condition of broken,
    And beaten,
    And half dead,
    I'm sure no doubt waiting,
    For the end of my dread,
    I found the end,
    I little while ago,
    But after all this time,
    I'd found it hard information to know,
    I hadn't felt like I'd gone far,
    Until I looked back,
    And my mouth fell ajar,
    I'd gone hundreds and hundreds of miles more,
    Than I could've ever of even hoped for,
    So now I see my next destination,
    Locked sternly in my sights,
    I will sprint until I must run,
    Run until I must jog,
    Jog until I must walk,
    Walk until I must crawl,
    And crawl until I nearly die of exhaustion,
    For if I don't I will never find my way.