• jilaii 10w

    As you walk by the shore
    You looked at me with that smile of yours
    That beautiful eyes, that beautiful smile

    I thought we still had time
    I thought we still got feelings
    I thought we still got love

    You came to me
    You hugged me
    Then you said, "I'm tired"

    I can't think why
    I can't think how
    You said it clearly, "Let's break up"

    It hurt so bad that I laughed
    It hurt so bad that I can't talk
    I didn't even knew why

    You started ignoring my messages
    You started ignoring my calls
    Until you blocked me

    That happiness that filled me
    That happiness that made me contented
    Is also the same emotion that broke me

    Several days, weeks, months have passed
    I heard you had someone new
    You replaced me with someone

    That did hurt
    That did make me cry
    But that's the thing that changed me

    That's the thing that gave me strength
    Strength to hold on to what have been left in me
    Strength to see my worth, to learn my weakness

    So as my last message for you
    I would leave this lines for you
    Thank you, I love you, Good bye.