• _sankitawrites_ 22w

    According to me, my name was never heard so beautifully.
    Because, until then it was never heard from that special person actually.
    Mirrors were never my "all time close friends".
    Until Meeting my special person who turned "grooming myself" into my new trend.
    I actually tried changing all my defaults for that one person.
    This One sided love drove me really crazy and this infatuation.
    Felt like i was never before and not even going to be in such situation.
    Without even being confessed and neither can i do it now, my love will still be immortal.
    This special first time feeling in my life really made a real "me".
    Removed all faults and really sat all my emotions free.
    Suddenly my special person left the city and never came back again.
    My poetries still tries to suffice my unconditioned love, still it believes in cupid, still it smiles in sunshine, autumn and rain.
    I think one sided love with respect is what i actually now call " world's sweetest pain".



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