• shaluu 30w

    A M♥️THER'S L♥️VE

    A few minute pain that you took for my birth,
    That was the first day I came to this earth,
    You are the best person I have ever seen,
    And an awesome mom you have been.

    The moon that you shown
    The times I have asked the question 'How?'
    With you my days have grown!
    Dear mom I owe you a bow.

    You have been with me all the times,
    You taught me how to live this life!
    With me you have sung many rhymes,
    Not only as a mom but you have also been a good wife.

    For me you have sacrificed your days
    You have shown me the right ways,
    You made me feel like a flower !
    All that I have to say is
    I L♥️VE Y♥️U M♥️THER!!