• debatri 6w

    Christmas Day...

    I never took it seriously
    As I listened to you, with quite nonchalance if I say
    For me life was a monochromatic mess
    As my feelings were shattered and ugly

    And then It happened
    I sweared to not take it seriously
    In the evening of Christmas when I met you again
    You were standing next to me ,as I prayed
    For nothing else,but the peace i desperately
    How could I have known that
    The peace i craved for was quite within my reach
    Fool i was, for searching it somewhere else..

    Now in the present month of December
    As I am going through the photographs
    I must admit I am happy ,more than I deserve

    As the winter evening rolled in
    I am again in the memory lane..
    Looking back at the Christmas Eve,
    We in the middle of the road, laughing together,
    Fighting on who gonna take the last remaining joint...
    I can't thank you enough, Kolkata
    For giving me the best memories of us

    Bro,you will always be my star,amidst the mass....