• forever_me 22w

    This is poem is for the shy girl.

    To the shy girl.

    Your shyness is first thing people notice about you.

    And you get told that you are shy almost everyday.

    Your shyness is a rope that keeps you tangled up in your capabilities.

    Your shyness leaves you in funny little situations,
    like that one time your mom told you to hold her spot in line at a store.

    But as the distance got shorter you began to panic,
    because you knew you would have to speak to cashier if you reached her.

    Or that other time your mom repeatedly put you in front of a cashier to pay and you stood there with a hand over your mouth as the cashier and girl behind you gave you the funniest look.

    Or that other time you were trying to take a video of you on Snapchat, but you felt people looking at you, so you put your phone down.

    Your shyness was an attachment to who you were.
    Being shy kept you from making new friends and going up to your crush.
    It kept you from telling the lunch lady
    what you were really trying to ask for.
    So you stayed with what you had.
    It kept you from dancing at your 8th grade prom.
    It kept you from taking all the chances
    you could've taken in middle school.


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    This Poem is for The Shy Girl