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    @kyoletiat is this writer new to mirakee, if want to help them grow (if want ) by following sharing liking if want to. Help newcomer's grow here as we are helped show others love forgiveness sharing helping as God's love not what you can gain by popularity or fame or likes. Poetry is spilling your soul out in pen pencil or ink or technical form. Give others platforms as you were given poets.... And show others love today as God's love, forgive another as God's forgiveness. Your times extremely short hope you'll show that now to others while you can. Everyone have good days and nights wherever you are. You all have a good day help one another here. Life's about Loving one another... (Without) expecting love back yes it hurts not to receive love back but far better to give it as God's greatest commandment to everyone... Love one another.... And forgive another of your faults. Put aside grudge's anger bitterness and pain. Listen to another so you comprehend instead of just hearing or reading words not understanding. If don't understand ask the other person what they mean. Grow with each other learn from another. Life's really short my friends I know.
    Your poet Brandon nagley

    Why do I share all these someone asked what's it's purpose sharing all these writers with hardly any followers? Well my answer is simply to me the hidden artist's whether painters musicians, poet's in all art forms are the most beautiful and talented artist's that are hidden in the back of the room if you may say. I want them to be known bring them forward give them a stage just as many did me years ago with music I wish I was still doing and more importantly why I share these? To show you who God is. He's purely love and gods son (Yeshua, Jesus Christ) was sent to die for all mankinds sins that whoever comes to him ask Christ to save you in faith you'll be saved( romans 10:13) and to teach you all life's not material it's not hating another or unforgiving Bible says if you do not forgive one another God will not forgive you. Because gods love mercy forgiveness and pure light and Grace and as human beings we must share that with another. That's why I share these to show you who God is. LOVE! And show you life's main purpose is to love another simply.
    Fellow poet Brandon nagley

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