• _nehneh_ 5w

    For Jimoh

    Mother watches
    as his silhouette fades away
    at the corner of the street
    He knows this path
    He remembers them from his baby steps
    The isolated odara tree that brings its fruits in season
    It stands there as usual
    Indicating that he is close to home
    He follows this path
    It remains the same
    But today,
    Under the bright of noon
    He slips away, slowly
    From the path that leads home
    The image of the odara tree
    Seems very much unclear
    He reaches out to touch her
    His mother
    By the door
    Waiting for his silhouette
    To announce his arrival
    But today
    Here and now
    She waits long
    Longer than the journey of the sun
    She waits
    For eternity
    Until her warm embrace go cold
    Like the echo of her voice
    When she calls him home.
    ©Nene 2020