• gorisharma 5w


    Have you ever done something for someone else because you knew it would make them happy?
    You knew it would please them, so you did it for them right?

    Well I reckon you shouldn't of
    I reckon you made a mistake

    Once you start pleasing others...
    Others, will always expect you to follow

    They will expect you to listen
    They will expect you to do what they want...

    Why should you do what others want?
    Why should you always give in?

    Quite frankly, we all have been fed up of trying to make others happy
    It's time that we put ourselves first, and be selfish for once

    It's your life, do what makes YOU happy!
    Don't worry about what others may say

    They will be upset or angry for a little while...
    But as you move forward, they will eventually learn to notice your smile

    Do what is best for YOU! Not for others
    Be brave to take that step

    Cause at the end of the day, they don't live your life
    They don't know what happens

    They don't understand how hard it is
    They don't realise what you go through

    But most importantly, no matter who it may be?
    They don't have the right...