• kesegiemoodley 10w

    Life lesson

    Lessons from the week
    1. Always treat others as you want to be treated
    2. No matter what is going on in your life...don't be rude to the next person
    3. Everyone is fighting some battle you don't know about
    4. When parting ways with people ....never burn bridges because you never know when you may need to retreat
    5. Cheer for the next person...it won't stop your own blessings
    6. Wake up each day with the aim to help atleast one person
    7. Take some time out for yourself
    8. Family is the greatest blessing...when everyone else leaves your side your family will always stand beside you
    9. Trust God
    10. Let go of the past...it was a lesson. Learn...apply and move on
    11. Wisdom comes with experience not age
    12. Treat the people around you with care ... There is a reason they are in your life
    13. Be the kind of person that others will miss
    14. Smile even if your dying inside...your smile could brighten someone else's day.