• shalu_mittal22 6w

    Ravana in 21st century!!

    Ravana in 21st century is to framed as under like they will point other girl's character on the basis of the cloths she is wearing, tha type of friends she has, the type of nature she carried herself, the type of people she met and hangout with them rather that thinking what he is doing!!! Does it matter to anyone whatever she does in her personal life?? Her life, her rules. She knows the difference between right and wrong. Who are you to judge her?? If she matters you then let her live freely. Dont sackles her in the cage. If she is trusting you and loyal to you that is important!! And if you are demanding her to be the way like you wants then this shows your lower standard. We humans what do burn Ravana every year, i am asking why?? Are we Lord Rama ?? I will say that even Ravana is much more better that the cruel man of this 21st century. He never ill-treated Sita and the man who don't know how to treat a women of the society than he is truly a Ravana!!