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    This poem was written for and dedicated to a special someone. The first and the only girl I ever fell in love with. But, just like another clichè love story, I could never express it to her. And probably I never will be able to do it. Because I know, me and her, we are not meant to be together.

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    My First Love

    I could never tell this to you,
    And maybe, I never will.
    But it is the truth, my dear,
    You were my first love.
    I know many have told you this before,
    Its an everyday routine for you.
    For you, I was one of many,
    But to me, you are my one.
    It was not your beauty that I fell for,
    It was your thoughts and dreams.
    Believe me, not with a body,
    I fell in love with a soul.
    From the very first day, I knew,
    Helpless was my love.
    I could never be with you,
    You will never be mine.
    That is why I now stand at a distance,
    And pray for you to be happy.
    Just a time pass, I was for you,
    You became my priority.
    Even if you forget me some day,
    I promise, I will remember you.
    In all these stupid words I write,
    You will forever remain immortal.