• bokang 6w


    Focusing on the changes in my retina
    As my perspective changes and the passion grows.
    A rising obsession bound to devour my soul.
    A thesis I need to prove,
    My purpose.
    An endearment to knowledge left in the dark.
    Captivating a lost soul and indulging it in a trap.
    A sure oblivion of loneliness,
    Treating my need for knowledge,
    A remedy of my desiderate.

    A calling of enlightenment
    Shadowing the humanity within,
    Filling me with ideas lost with time past
    A timid move for the weary.
    Taking precautions of problems never to arise.
    Just another test, so cold and lifeless,
    Yet we are bound them in our lives.

    Taking creativity from crazy
    Turning the world into a stage.
    Testing the powers that prowl within my spirit.
    This has always been my fate,
    Designed to win,
    Devised to succeed.
    Another test abolished onto this earth
    A decadent beauty, a mastery.
    A test.