• quinn_cousin 5w

    The wind follows you


    All of them reached college together,
    and went to their classes.
    Everyone was exiced how this is going
    to be.


    I feel happy for Sid and Mahiro
    but now when I see them, walking
    holding hands and not letting go
    and the worst thing they've also
    started doing the ' you go first '
    thing just like queen and Gai.

    I agree it's funny to see couples
    do that but if Mahiro won't come
    I and Joanne will also get late.
    So what other choice I had,
    I grabbed her hand and started
    I can hear joanne, Roy and josh


    We reached class I sat in between
    Joanne and Mahiro,
    Roy and josh sat behind us.
    The teacher came she asked us to
    Introduce ourselves and all of us did.
    First three classes went well.
    It was our 15 mins break after
    The third period and Mahiro
    alredy started missing her
    ' Prince Charming '
    Sid is really lucky to have such
    a cute girlfriend, I don't know
    how she manages to look cute
    All the time.

    Three of us were talking and
    then next teacher entered the room.
    We all went back to study mode
    agian,I could see Mahiro texting
    Sid from under the table.


    Me and Roy were talking about
    something and that's when my
    focus shifted towards a guy
    who was constantly staring
    It made me a little uncomfortable
    and I got kinda annoyed.
    Why is he staring at her, I know she's very
    beautiful but that doesn't mean he'll stare
    For the Next two periods I observed him
    and he was not leaving a chance to
    Look at her.
    I have no Shame on saying that I'm getting
    Jelous, I don't want anyone to feel
    about her the same that I do.

    After two more classes we finally went to
    The cafeteria, every one was already there
    our building is a bit far from the cafeteria.