• salmankhan808 5w

    A W A I T I N G H E R E A F T E R

    Salty but innocent eyes mine
    Will how long bear
    the burden of dolour
    A decade or a century?

    Toxic fluidity ruined my magic,
    Got me stuck in limbo
    A living dead I am now---alive
    But no more valuable than
    A dead body
    But only a question often
    pinches me
    After the climax;
    What was due
    to ruin--the true love
    in me, or your
    Coaxing tale of dazzling beauty?

    Rest assured
    I Shall not question you
    To blame on you
    Until seeing the severe penalty,
    As I am eagerly awaiting hereafter
    To see the judgment
    Either beauty or the beauty
    in me
    dwells in heaven?

    © Salman khan!