• carolynrose 22w


    She was a weak women..
    She didn't know herself..
    She cried so loudly;
    So fierce, asking for help..

    It took her decades in her head..
    To realize she never needed help.
    She needed to murder the self hate;
    The despite she had built in herself..

    She now found peace..
    In understanding no man owns her
    The world doesn't decide for her
    She made the call.

    She was no longer weak..
    No longer frightened..
    She was strong.. She was Angry;
    For she had Resentment..

    She than began to take it out on the world..
    She hated the situation;
    The situation the world created for her..
    The mud they left her feet stuck in..

    The world took away her heart..
    Stole her trust..
    Didn't acknowledge her mind..
    They made her a figure for Lust..

    She layed in bed at night..
    Exhausted ;
    Screaming in her head..
    She was out of energy, out of fight..

    But She knew she had herself..
    She didn't need help..
    She was her rock..
    She was constantly picking herself up;
    When she fell..