• finnisam 24w

    Healing Hyacinth

    Asclepius my son. Even he cannot heal my pulsing scar.
    Hyacinth my love was torn from my amorous grasp.
    He was my everything. My only wretched star.
    Until the dreadful discus left my playful clasp.
    The pain of my lost love nobody can heal.
    Jealousy is a terrible curse. Zephyrus had it all.
    As the discus hit I lost my ability to feel.
    Magnificence destroyed in the moment I watched my love fall.
    If I had done something. Not thrown. Maybe he would live.
    I would not let the dealer of darkness claim his innocent soul.
    Something so terrible I could not forgive.
    Instead I decided to stop Hades. To keep my Hyacinth whole.
    I watched the blood of my love pool upon the ground.
    Wishing to make him enchanted through my plentiful tears.
    Forming petals from his essence. A flower so profound.
    Each droplet stained a petal. Every petal. All those missing years.