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    When one loses someone close, they must put a barrier to stop any more pain that's needed #lost #sisters #lostsisters #alonewesat #horseswelcomefreedom #pain #sorrow #inflictingpain

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    A Lost Sisters Bond...

    I had remembered a time where I wished upon the stars of a sister of my dreams,
    Only to realise that, that time would come slowly,
    Only to go as fast as a shooting star blazes across the night sky.

    We had started out close as if we had seen each other before and known each other for a million years,
    Only to part as if we had never known if we had indeed existed or not,
    If we had imagined those memories we held together,
    Or the moments we shared.

    We had parted like the oceans waves did to land,
    Coming and going our friendship did.
    We danced under the stars and spoke words of feeling,
    We cried our sorrows and whispered words over media.

    Yet this was the turn in life that made me spin away in and flurry of pain, if not regret.

    How she changed so much like a Rose did when blooming,
    She danced under the stars with another and spoke words of romance,
    She cried her sorrows and whispered words of a never ending love,
    How she sat by and watched the horse shed her coat,
    How the horse welcomed the Lions pain and sorrow,
    and welcomed the freedom it gave,
    Ignoring the pain of a lost sister...