• beautyinsideyou 10w

    Love in another way♾️

    Self-love is what you need
    Admiring your own beauty, intelligence , appearance is what matters
    C'mon don't think much and believe in your inside-out
    Falling in love with yourself and your existence is required
    Yes what gives you confidence be with it
    Makeup or wearing your natural beauty that's your choice
    Just do what make you love yourself
    Your good deeds , your savage slang, your clothing or just simply pep talk...
    Love is temporary but self-love is permanent
    Once you fall for yourself nothing can stop you girl
    The way you admire yourself ...i am sure people will love you this way
    Can't say everyone but some will for sure!!

    And yes self-love is not comparing yourself to others
    It's just bringing out your awesomeness
    Don't be scared just stand out differently
    Your all unique and copying anyone doesn't make you same
    I said you na it's your choice ...so do it
    Right or wrong ? You get the vibes
    Don't try to change just improvisation is all you need ..... that's too your CHOICE