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    Today coz of some family get together
    Mummy and Pappa have to go
    for some family get together.
    So today My brother handled work in behalf of my Pappa.
    My sister and I were together ,
    but alone at home .
    Kaju �� and Tuffy �� bhi they...��
    We were waiting for everyone to return.
    Shaam hui sab ghar aye .
    Pappa mummy dono ne
    bhaiya se proud hokar bola
    Tune kaam sambhal liya
    and gave him reward.

    My sister and I was staring at each other
    cause humien sunna tha,
    ' beta tum dono thik ho na ..?'
    Thoda Bura laga .

    As my name always reminds me to be Optimistic.��

    Toh phir Maine socha .
    'Anjali you are dependent on your Pappa.
    Why are you expecting .' !

    Instead try to work hard
    for the day he will proudly call you , ' My daughter '.��

    Yes , we want ( my sister and me )
    Mummy Pappa's Love , Care , Attention , Pampering , respect , trust , understand .

    But unse Nahi toh Woh mujhe ,
    Preeti my idiot , stubborn but cute sister
    Immortal wali Friendship se mil rahi hai.
    My favourite Soul Friend CHAKOODII.��✨❣️
    Then Muski ..and my other Friends.��

    @musicophile @theunconsciouspen

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    Don't be upset cause of
    you are not getting what you wish for.
    Continue doing your work
    Because eventually
    You will get what
    You deserve.