• sumitrakar 10w


    Words are spoken, Emotions are left,
    The language couldn't carry the overload..
    Somewhere the body(matters)
    splits behind the soul..

    The crops couldn't cherish the rain,
    The roads didn't see its name..
    Disown itself completely....
    Busy in watching others' fame.

    The shade of greenery ,
    Requires an artificial guage,
    Springs of laughter ...now
    Turned to be noisy honks ...

    A small part of apartment..
    Used to be a home,
    Now the whole ....
    Lavish to be a separate soul..

    Love to have fair skin,
    Burn calories within..
    Starts to see itself by others eyes...
    Hates the mind's mirror ...stand by.

    Is this ever be normalised?
    Soothing sleep..
    Doesn't require...
    For a lullaby...