• thrags 10w

    Mentionable Confessions

    Contemplation & Procrastination, cause a Starvation of Salvation;

    Intimidation of Reconciliation, cause Deprivation of Sanctification;

    Hospitalization from a Laceration, leaving imperfection, never to see Immaculation;

    Revitalization of Harmonization, based on the Perseveration of Consideration through Consolation

    Devastation & Humiliation, cause Trepidation & Depreciation fading Animation;

    Disassociation from Civilization & the Population, results in Saturation;

    Ramifications of a Situation pertaining to Infatuation & Obsession, won't bring Rejuvenation;

    Desolation & Isolation, 

              without a friend;

    Desperation & Depression,

             foreshadow a means to an end