• bennieg 10w

    Olageshin Oluwatosin Faith

    1st is a position everyone loves to attain and dwell, a spot where billionaires, academicians, students, entertainers, companies etc want to be when rating. Ten is a complete number and when multiplied countless times it runs into 100 of millions. Oluwatosin has ten letter words, and the month of October happens to be the tenth month, fortunately you were born on the 1st of October. A special day to Nigeria on her independence.

    Lord, help her to number her days so she can apply her heart unto wisdom, as she's growing older. She's a damsel, an epitome of beauty
    An heir to her parents and a precious sister to her siblings, a scholar to her colleagues and an amazing lady to her girlfriends.
    She's a carrier of God's grace and she's a blessing to everyone around her.

    Happy silver jubilee to you queen
    You are such a wonderful and loving lady
    You have a good heart with a pretty face
    May God bless your new age and prosper you
    Grow in God's marginal grace
    Long live the queen
    More years on this planet earth in sound health and in wealth, May God hear your secret prayers
    Much love.