• princejamela04 5w


    There you go,
    Reminding me of the day we met,
    There you go,
    My heart following you like its your own pet.

    There,someone makes you smile,
    Deep down,I'm filled with hate,
    Together you talk for a while,
    Ohh!how my heart feels so hurt.

    Seeing someone make you smile,
    Kills me on the inside,
    I want to be the one who does it all the while,
    I want to be the one you give all your time,
    Yes,I am insecure,
    Perhaps your love is the cure.

    I've tried to reach for your attention,
    I end up panicking, it's not my intention,
    I've tried my best,
    I think I have failed the test,
    Its about time I took rest,
    Accept that I'm better off admiring from afar.