• fhnbdyujk 10w

    With time, i am learning that
    May be i can forget the sound of your footstep
    which i would hear from the window,
    Just before you would knock on my door

    Or perhaps i will get over the songs
    We used to listen together
    When our words wouldn't suffice.

    I still like the movies you showed me,
    But they don't break my heart
    Like they used to,
    Whenever you would talk about them.

    But, love
    The spaces between my fingers
    Still haven't find the right fit
    And so they call for you.

    That earthy smell mixed with those purple flowers
    Still brings back the memories
    Where i can feel exactly what you felt.

    And sometimes when wind ruffles my hair,
    I am slow to react,
    Maybe because i anticipate someone else's hand
    To fix 'em up
    Before i do it myself.

    So i have forgotten you and i m still forgetting you.