• iamsui 31w

    My Sacrificed

    For what I do not know,
    How I came to be about
    When I can only do is not let it show
    The pain and struggles that dried out every tears left in me
    For what do I stand for that I surrender by letting it be
    Seeking a purpose and found it was nothing more than life
    Experience the hurt all by myself
    How can one explain
    When I was learning to live life again
    Attacks of every directions lead me to a no-way street
    Build myself from bottom up and then left to bleed
    For who slashed the misery?
    I do not know. As it shall remain anonymously.
    Datas in the forms of communication
    Misled a society to corrupt ammunition
    Terrorized the rights of systems
    Triggered the mind to auto traumatized
    Lifeless was its end result
    For what can one person do when fighting against a group
    Disadvantaged by their granted rules
    Enslaved as their own play tools
    For what I hold in my hand
    Is a material thats serves unmeaningful ends
    As if to be labeled the strongest... Is me.
    Iam just one had fought the whole world of x numbers
    So shall i sacrifice to make peace and hide in my den