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    I am a bit upset on a lot of ppl for the past few weeks.

    They say "Black lives matter"....."We respect everybody at an equal level disregarding their colour,gender, community,religion and caste.

    But, that ain't true. It is not true at all. People might have heard the word called "gay". Well let me clearly explain what that really mean.

    Gay is a term refers to a homosexual person or the trait of being homosexual.I'm sure y'all will know what a homosexual person means.

    Indeed the only thing that differs between the noal ppl and them are they are attracted to members of the same sex. That's it.

    Is there a rule or a restriction for such attraction?
    No,there isn't one. These ppl are still struggling to lead a life. Since they were born, they get changed to some circumstances that leads them to be a transgender,and there's no cruelty on it.

    And now I clearly am satisfied that these ppl have a sperate community called The 'LGBTQ COMMUNITY'.

    Which means,
    L - Lesbian
    G - Gay
    B - Bisexual
    T - Transgender
    Q - Queer or Questioning..
    Will we accept these people in our country?
    No we won't for sure. We still have bad names for em innit?

    So whoever reading this have to,.no,must stop talking about them bad and start to think that they are also humans. I respect the LGBTQ community which clearly stands only for those thrown away one becoz of their identity.But that doesn't mean that I'm one of them.
    The fact that I realise is that these ppl are treated not at all places but some, as equal to how the animals are treated.Both these people and animals need protection and affection instead depression,suicide and trepidation.

    Don't cause people Trepidation. People matters at all costs. Black lives too matter.

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    ( This is a note for those who are not been born free becoz the y're not normal...They belong to a great place called LGBTQ community. Don't forget that.)������

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    LGBTQ Community Matters. We should respect them.