• _mishti__ 6w

    Happiest born day dear most favorite person of my life... My favourite personality and my favourite cricketer.... The whole world is u dear.... Writing this great poem for u makes me feel that I m able to do something as a fan.... ���� Get well soon dear Hardik �� I'm waiting to see u on the feild ❤
    Love u so much❤❤

    The next 2 parts are already posted.... Check it on my profile....

    #mishtipeace #hardikpandya

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    An All-Rounder is facing alot !! {2}

    Still cricket gave him place
    He was in The collage team
    He was busy in playing
    But others kept judging his reaction

    One day after the fights of attitude
    At the age of 23 he got selected
    In the Ipl for Mumbai Indians
    And got his first income for 50 lakhs

    Selected for 50 lakhs now gets
    Retained for 11 Crore
    One year of Ipl and
    He got selected in Indian team

    The guy with very joyful nature
    Once for the first time was rumored
    The lady he met in Kolkata And
    She posted him as her Dating material